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The program is working great! I really like some of the new features... Thank you again for your help.

Becky-- CA


Web Account Viewer

Referred to as WAV, the Web Account Viewer allows you to put a link on your website where parents can easily check their child's lunch money account.

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School Lunch . . . Affordable School Cafeteria Software

School Lunch keeps track of the simple accounting task while protecting free and reduced student privacy. More efforts have gone in to School Lunch 2014 than any previous version. Both single and network systems are based on the SQLite database engine proven to be robust and reliable. Many enhancements make this school cafeteria software the best value on the market today..

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School Lunch 2014

School Lunch is probably the easiest to use . . . most feature packed . . . affordable school cafeteria software on the market today.

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New in 2014

This year we've reworked several areas of our school cafeteria software. New features include a new email wizard, new import wizard, added report features and import fields.

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